Thursday, April 27, 2017

Three Things Parents Need To Know About Lead Tainted Water Prince George's County Schools

Three Things Parents Need to Know About the Water in Prince Georges County Schools.

1. Comprehensive testing of the lead in water has not been done in years and safety is not assured at this time. 2009-2011 water testing showed many water sources with various amounts of lead and because of the outdated limits used by PGCPS, many of these water sources are likely still turned on.

2. The current "water quality plan" plan by Prince George's County schools is allowing far too much lead in the water. Why? Because PGCPS is allowing 10 to 20 ppb (parts of lead per billion) in the water where as the American Academy of Pediatrics states the lead level should be at 1 ppb or lower. Washington DC public schools has a limit of 1 ppb.

Why is Prince George's County schools allowing 10 -20 times the lead in the water as our largest group of Pediatricians says is safe. Read what the American Academy of Pediatric Report recommends:

PGCPS should be following these expert recommendations. Read the Full Report Here. 
Why is PGCPS allowing 10 -20 times the lead in the water as Washington DC public schools?

3. Parents were not informed that many of the water fountains in the 88 schools tested high for lead in 2009 and they still are not being informed that the current water supply may be unsafe. See below a screen save of a letter sent to me.

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