Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Prince George's County Parents Were NOT Informed of the LEAD CONTAMINATED water in their schools

A letter was received from Prince George's County concerning several questions asked about lead in our school water. Here is what this request tells us.

Note: The answers by PGCPS are in bold underneath the questions asked by Ms. Scarato. These are screen saves of the entire letter.
1. Parents were not informed that the water fountains in 88 schools tested high for lead back in 2011. 

2. Continued remediation to fix this problem in these 88 schools was NOT DONE. 

3. PGCPS is "developing a systematic plan" but so far the parents remain uninformed about the plan. 

Have you been told about this as  apparent in your school?  

Click here to see the entire Letter from PGCPS March 22, 2017 

WE are a coalition of parents trying to fix this situation. 

Please email us at leadinpgcpswaterfountains@gmail.com with questions and to connect. 

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